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Rubaiyat Records Bundle


For £50, you can get every Rubaiyat Records release I currently have in stock plus 3 distro records. A few of the releases are very limited, so if I run out of a certain record, it will be replaced with a distro release, meaning you're guaranteed to get 12 12"s and 5 7"s regardless. Definitely worth more than £50!

Records included:
Boy On Guitar - We Wait 7"
Lenin Death Mask - Three Hits 7"
Marais / Auszenseiter Split 12"
Regarde / Marmore / Pastel / Saudade Split 12"
Michel Anoia - Plethora LP
Daephne - Full Circle LP
Weak Wrists - Weak Wrists LP
Paper Wounds - Always Hurt 7"
Yuri - Demo 7"
Barque - Coffin Cutters 12"
Drawbacks - Common Impairments 12"
Pettersson / Det Ar Darfor Vi Bygger Stader Split 7"
Nebraska / Diplomat Split 12"
Desidia / La Ciencia Split 12"

Because of the weight of this, I'm only shipping it to the UK, but if anyone based outside wants to buy this, get in contact and I can give you a quote for shipping :~)