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Pettersson / Det är Därför Vi Bygger Städer Split


One track apiece from two great screamo bands - Pettersson from Vienna, Austria and Det är Därför Vi Bygger Städer from Stockholm, Sweden.
"Us doing this split felt kind of natural, since we're friends from outside the internet. We played together in Vienna twice with mine and Måns old band. Det är därför vi bygger städer played that second show as well. It was kind of a mini-fest. Super lovely! The split sort of happened after Pettersson was done recording their LP (which I recommend everyone to listen to) and they had a left-over track. So we recorded our side as quick as possible, aka super slow, and we had ourselves a split! Obviously there's more to it, but that's basically how the collaboration happened."
-Gabriel, Det är Därför Vi Bygger Städer

This is a split release with Koepfen Records, Dingleberry Records, Through Love Records, My Name Is Jonas, Pundonor Records, Hardcore For The Losers, Krimskramz, Zilpzalp Records and Time As A Color.

You can stream it in full here:

A) Pettersson - Sensory Deprivation > Motion Sickness
B) Det är Därför Vi Bygger Städer - Reverse Polarity

Pressing info:
Grey /150
Black /350