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Bymyside - Affogare, Risalire, Rigadere

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Affogare, Risalire, Rigadere is the debut full length by Italian screamo band Bymyside. This is 8 tracks of melodic screamo/hardcore, in the vein of Raein, La Quiete and Healing Powers! Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl, with artwork by Valik (of Yotsuya Kaidan and Samegrey Records fame).

This was co-released by Samegrey Records (Ukraine), Santapogue Media (USA), Blessed Hands and Dreamingorilla (Italy), Pundonor Records (Spain), Tadzio Records and Entes Anomicos (Germany), so consider buying this from them if you live outside of the UK, as it may be cheaper!

You can listen to the album in full here: